The National Disability Insurance Scheme represents an ENORMOUS change in the way funding support services are delivered to people with a disability.

Under the NDIS, you will be able to tailor the support you receive to meet your own needs and goals. You can select your own provider for any service you need, and you can even control your own funds.

We realize this is a big change with the potential to transform lives - which is why understanding the system and how to get the most out of it is so important. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

The NDIS is a big change in how people with disability access supports and services, and it can feel overwhelming. If you’re moving to the NDIS or supporting a loved one through the process, help is here. 

Step 1 - Pre Planning:

What do you want your life to look like day-to-day and into the future?

Pre-planning involves thinking about this, and what supports you might need to get there. Start pre-planning today to get the most out of the NDIS.

This pre-planning tool is a great way to ensure you have as much information as is needed, ready for that initial meeting. This tool coincides with the questions your planner may ask.

It looks at your diagnosis, your formal and informal support people, your day-to-day life and routine, the equipment you currently use and would like to use in the future, as well as your goals.




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We understand this process can be quite overwhelming, and there is a lot for you to do and understand.

Remember the NDIS is now available to answer any questions.

Their telephone number is 1800 800 110

Advanced Care will continue to provide a high-quality support.
We are currently registered with the NDIS to provide personal care and support with your domestic duties.

We are in the process of extending our registration to cover more items in the NDIS. For those who self-manage or manage their plans through a registered plan manager, we will be able to continue all in-home support including community access as per usual.

If you have any questions regarding this tool or our services at Advanced Care Australia, please don't hesitate to call us on 

1300 628 485 or email us at

NDIS Services Sunshine Coast


The NDIS is being introduced by region in Queensland. This means that in some parts of the state the NDIS is already available, while in others it has yet to begin.

To find out if the NDIS is available where you live, go to NDIS in Brisbane and surrounds or NDIS in regional Queensland.

If you are currently receiving support through the Queensland government (for example you are a state disability client) you will move to the NDIS as it becomes available in your region. Your existing supports will continue until you have an approved NDIS plan or when the transition period has completed.

You can apply to join the NDIS up to six months before the scheme is available in your region.

To find out more go to Accessing the NDIS, or visit your nearest NDIS office.

Queensland statistics as at 30 June 2018 

  • 16,999 people in Queensland benefiting from the NDIS
  • 16,524 participants with an approved plan 
  • 475 children supported through the ECEI gateway 
  • 13% growth in the number of participants this quarter

This information has been taken from the NDIS Website please click here to access full site :

NDIS Sunshine Coast 

NDIS services in the Sunshine Coast are now officially open. This means that residents already receiving support services (DS funding) should be contacted in the coming weeks and months to organise their initial meeting with their NDIS Planner.

Meetings can be conducted in offices, at your home or over the phone: whichever is most convenient for you.

If you do not currently receive support or funding, you are now able to contact the NDIS to request access. You will need as much information as possible from medical professionals regarding your disabilities and the effects they have on your ADLs and ability to access your community.

 July 1st - Ready, Set, Go!!

Posted by Amber 


This is just a reminder for service providers and participants that the NDIA office's on the sunshine coast are opening July 1st, 2018 - LESS THAN 2 WEEKS (where did the time go).

Most clients we support will receive a phone call from the NDIA in regards to their NDIS plans and preparation.
For the clients who do not receive DS funding, the may benefit from calling the NDIA in that first week to ensure eligibility and to apply for access to the NDIS.
It's important that everyone has had some sort of contact before Jan 1, 2019, clients without a plan by June 30, 2019, will no longer be funded.

Useful Links:

National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS in Queensland

Latest updates & News for Advanced Care clients as delivered by amber & Kaleb 

Kaleb and I attended the Plan Ahead Workshop at Nambour Community Centre, run by QDN.

The workshop was run by Peter Tully and Daniel Rivers from QDN, two gentlemen living with a disability. Peter and Daniel live in Ipswich and already have NDIS plans. They were able to relay their experiences; putting a lot of the group's stresses, in regards to the NDIS, at bay.

The workshop encouraged participants and families to start thinking about goals, both long term and short term. The workshop was interactive and highlighted the different types of goals that may be funded.

For example, if someone's goal was to get a dog, how can we reword this goal so that the NDIA considers this option.

The NDIA concentrate on goals that are reasonable and necessary, so it might be wise for a goal to include an assistance dog. Kaleb had spoken to staff during the week and came up with ten goals, one being a dog. Kaleb could then request an assistance dog for independence in the community as he is unable to pick things up that he drops on to the floor, or to reduce anxiety when alone.

The workshop also highlighted eligibility, how you check access or make an access request and the type of information that you should collect before meeting with your planner. These include reports from current service providers, documents from allied health services and GP and supporting letters from current carers or family members.

The first plan focuses on what you get now and what you want to carry over to the NDIS.

It looks at five different aspects of your life; Social Participation, Living Arrangements, Independence, Employment and Education and Health and Wellbeing. They will also focus on your various supports; informal supports (family and friends), community supports (local community groups), mainstream supports (doctors, housing, hospitals and transport) and reasonable and necessary supports (those related to your disability)

Kaleb enjoyed himself, and the group enjoyed Kaleb being there. Kaleb got a special congratulations from Peter, who saw Kaleb as someone with great potential and encouraged Kaleb to be a voice in his community and thrive for me.

The take-home message for this workshop was that the NDIS is coming, but it's not as scary as it looks.


  NDis QUEENSLAND update 

NDIS LOGO 8802790473758.png

From January 2018, the NDIS is rolling out across more areas in Queensland.

All eligible people living in Rockhampton, Gladstone and west to the borders region will begin to enter the NDIS from 1 January.

The NDIS will become available in Brisbane City north and south of the Brisbane River, the Gold Coast and Hinterland, and Logan City and Redland City from 1 July 2018. 

The NDIS has released a series of animations to help you to get ready for the NDIS.

Previous Update Info 

Is progressively rolling out across Queensland over three years from July 2016 to June 2019.

In May 2017, the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments agreed to bring forward the rollout for users of existing

Queensland Government disability services in Ipswich, Bundaberg and Rockhampton transition areas.

Queensland’s transition is occurring on a geographic basis, defined by Local Government Area (LGA) boundaries, as follows:

Between July 2016 to June 2017
Area Rollout start date
Townsville, Hinchinbrook, Burdekin, west to Mount Isa, and up to the gulf 1 July 2016
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsundays 1 November 2016
Toowoomba and west to the borders 1 January 2017
Ipswich, Lockyer, Scenic Rim and Somerset 1 July 2017 (May for existing service users)
Between July 2017 to June 2018
Area Rollout start date
Bundaberg 1 October 2017 (1 September for existing service users)
Rockhampton, Gladstone and west to the borders 1 January 2018 (1 November 2017 for existing service users)
Between July 2018 to June 2019
Area Rollout start date
Logan and Redlands 1 July 2018
Cairns, Cassowary Coast, Tablelands, Croydon, Etheridge, Cape York and Torres Strait 1 July 2018
Brisbane suburbs north of Brisbane River 1 July 2018
Brisbane suburbs south of Brisbane River 1 July 2018
Fraser Coast, North Burnett, South Burnett and Cherbourg 1 July 2018
Gold Coast and Hinterland 1 July 2018
Moreton Bay including Strathpine and Caboolture 1 January 2019
Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Gympie 1 January 2019

You can enter enter your suburb or postcode to find out when you will transition.

Alternatively, you can look at the Queensland maps on the NDIS website to see when a particular locality will transition.

The Bilateral Agreement outlines both expected start dates for the NDIS rollout across Queensland areas and the agreed participant intake per quarter. View the rollout schedule to see the expectedtime frame for each area's transition. The completion date is when it is agreed that delivery of disability services for all eligible clients will be funded through the NDIS.

For more information regarding NDIS and to keep posted on up to date news please visit the website click on the link below.

Advanced Care & the NDIS - where to from here 

From our perspective, we are glad that we are in the tail end of the national rollout as it will give us time to review what services we can offer to new and existing clients of Advanced Care. 


The current model for which we are approved is the Qld government initiative called 'Your Life Your Choice'

Launched in September 2012, Your Life Your Choice provides the framework for how self-directed support operates in Queensland. 

Self-directed support is a funding approach that enables people with disability and their families to have greater choice and control over the disability services they receive. It is a key part of preparing Queenslanders for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

For further information regarding YLYC, you can visit the site -

How to Change your current funding over to Your Life Your Choice??

We are proudly approved providers for this programme and can assist you in managing your YLYC package. 

Please contact us for further info by completing the form to the right of this page & completing details as requested so we can offer you the right advice.  

Click on the link below to download the handbook that explains all you need to know should you choose to elect Advanced Care as your host provider. This means we can manage your budgets, pay invoices etc on your behalf *note some conditions apply 

Click Here for Handbook Download   for people with a disability, their families, and support networks

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