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Looking for a new or future career or just starting out in the workforce? You might want to consider the biggest and fastest growing industry in the country - health and community services.

There are major changes on the way with the start of the NDIS for people with a disability, and consumer directed care for the elderly.

In addition to this the government's push to keep people in their own homes rather than providing support services in an aged care facility means the home and community care sector is facing massive growth - which all adds up to the need for the industry to increase the workforce.Not only will the industry need more numbers of people, it will need a diverse workforce incorporating people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and gender to meet the diverse needs of people requiring support in our community.


  • Currently in Australia there are 113,000 jobs in the sector being advertised.
  • The prediction for the number of NEW jobs - 177,800 in the next 5 years
  • The workers in the Health and Community Services represents 12% of the total workforce in Australia, the average amount of people employed in the industry - 1,369,900.
  • The average wage for Disability and Aged Carers is $892 per week - not bad !
  • 79% of the workforce is female, and average age of employees is 43

(* information courtesy of the 'Career Me' app provided by Busy at Work)



But what a great opportunity for those leaving school, the 'un' and 'under' employed and those wanting a change of career.  The jobs will be there for the taking - IF you have what it takes to work in the industry. This industry brings great rewards for the right person, but be warned - if you are not the right fit for the job it won't be enjoyable for you - and you won't perform well. It's not for everyone.


The best way to determine your suitability is to undertake a job suitability assessment to make sure what the industry offers fits with your values and strengths.

Career suitability testing / screening can be carried out by your Employment Services provider if you are registered with one. If you are not registered for employment you can access an assessment via a fantastic app called 'Career Me' - this app was developed by Busy at Work apprenticeship / training provider, and is a wealth of information about all the careers available.

Using this application you can complete a career suitability assessment called - The Harrison Assessment, for the low cost of $33 - this is a very small investment that can save you wasting your time gaining a qualification if this is not the right job for you - and I recommend strongly that you use it.

As an employer in this industry for many years, and as someone having a relative receiving home care services - I have seen, and still see a considerable number of people working in community services because it was 'something they fell into' or the government put them through a course in community services because they were considered part of the 'long term' unemployed.

I can tell you that people working in the industry who are not suited to the work cause undue stress and dissatisfaction for themselves, their clients and their employers. I have also seen how for the right person this industry can be rewarding and enjoyable, and when an individual truly enjoys their job - it results in great outcomes for clients, which is what is really needed in the industry.

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