Take a break from the caring role

Respite means having help in your role as a carer so you can take a break.  This service is ideal for the carer who wants their loved one to be able to remain in their own home, whilst they take a break from the caring role.

Caring for someone is a very rewarding experience in many ways but it can also be overwhelmingfrustrating and exhausting. Many research projects have provided proof of what we already know - that if you care for another person you still need to care for yourself - and that means having a break now and then.

Taking a short break from the carer role is not only deserved - it's essential to ensure you can carry on being a carer without becoming exhausted or burnt out.

Advanced Care can provide qualified and experienced staff to care for your loved one whilst you take a break. This can be from as little as 2 hours a week, right through to 24-hour care for a number of days or weeks, depending on your needs. 

Even a short break helps the carer to enjoy some time out, many of our clients use their respite to:

  • Attend to errands outside the home
  • Catch up with friends for coffee
  • Attend regular activities
  • Do some shopping
  • To practice some much needed self-care - like having  a massage
  • Attend medical appointments

A longer break where staff care for your loved one in their own home - means the carer can have a few days away to relax - or an even longer break for a holiday. Advanced Care staff can take care of  most of the activities and tasks that you would normally do including :

  • help with showering and dressing
  • cooking meals
  • light cleaning
  • in-home activities
  • assist with medications

We recognize that it is important that your loved one is comfortable with the person who will be taking over from you while you have a break. Advanced Care provides a comprehensive assessment to determine the carer and the client's needs and personal preferences, so we can find the best match with one or more of our experienced staff.


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