Benefits of Home Care

A home helper or support worker can benefit clients in a number of ways. If your main aim is for you or your loved ones to remain living at home for as long as possible, our home care assistance in the Sunshine Coast can assist people in this community with their daily activities.

Many studies have shown that people do better in their own home rather than a nursing home or other care facility. Being at home provides you with a comfortable, familiar environment and enables you to have care in a way that maximises your independence.

Introducing home care or a home helper early can also prevent the need to enter a nursing home and even helps prevent hospitalisation.

And home help provides respite for carers, enabling carers more freedom to live their own life while still maintaining their carer role. Many carers have to juggle their care commitments with work and their own family, which can be a struggle.

Having care provided in the home also means the care is one-to-one and personalised. In a facility, care is provided by a number of carers, so it can be hard to establish a good ongoing relationship with those caring for you.

Home Care Services

Home care services can be helpful in a lot of different situations and for different people including:

  • The elderly
  • People with a disability
  • Recovering from an accident
  • Recovery from hospitalisation or illness
  • Living with chronic illness
  • End of life or palliative care
  • Carers who need respite or extra help
  • People who are housebound or unable to independently access their local community

A Typical Home Care Experience

Mary is a busy 46 year-old woman, with a young family to care for and a demanding job. Mary's mother Joan is now 82 and lives in her own home on the Sunshine Coast, where she has lived since she was married. Joan’s husband John passed away two years ago and she has found it difficult to be on her own as John used to attend to the bills and look after the house.

Since Joan had a fall six months ago, Mary worries about her mother being at home on her own and visits her nearly every afternoon and on weekends. She makes sure she has some meals prepared, the house is tidy and Joan is looking after herself. Both Mary and Joan agree that they want Joan to stay in her own home so a nursing home is not an option.

Mary was finding it difficult to fit in her children’s activities and still attend to her mum, until a friend suggested she contact Advanced Care Australia to find out about their home care services.
Now Joan has a home care worker visit her every morning to help her shower, dress and keep the house clean and tidy. Once a week, a home care worker comes and takes her shopping and helps her prepare a meal.

Mary now has peace of mind that her mother is being looked after, so she can enjoy the time she spends with her by taking her out for coffee and shopping.

The home care services provided differ from person to person. The service can be personalised to meet your specific needs so you are not paying for services that you do not need.

Personal Care
Includes help with showering, dressing, grooming such as shaving or make up, transferring in and out of bed, toileting, continence, meal preparation, assist with medication, meal preparation and eating. 

Social Support
Includes transport to appointments, shopping and other errands, sorting mail and assisting with paying bills, and accompanying to activities or outings.

Providing a home care worker to care for you at home while your carer takes a break. 

24 Hour Care
Having a home care worker stay in the home and supervise and assist you all day and all night.

Overnight or Sleepover Care
Having a home care worker stay at the home overnight and assist as needed.

Invalid Care
Basic medical assistance to people recovering from an illness, accident or hospitalisation or needing support for chronic illness or palliative care.