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Dementia Care Service In Your Home  

We provide care services to enable those living with dementia to maintain their independence by :

  • Identifying the most appropriate dementia support services, & coordinating their delivery
  • Facilitating refferals to other providers & local support - i.e.
    additional support services (OT, Consultants ect) 
  • Asssit in preventing social isolation, and striving for social inclusion. 

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 Why Choose Us ?

 We can provide Specialised Help for Your Family member who is living with dementia.

 Our flexible Services are Personalised to Your Specific Needs include :

  • Assistance with daily living, including grooming, dressing, household chores, and meal planning 

  • Tailored family respite services, allowing you to take a break with choice and flexibility

  • therapies personalised to individual needs - increasing wellbeing and happiness

Consistent staff with the knowledge and skills to best support your loved one.

  • Support funded by CDC / Home Care Packages available, including support through the application and approval process
  • Preventative dementia therapies
  • Allied Health and other health professional referral and coordination
  • Respite support for families, including resources to assist in coping with changed behaviours of your loved one
  • Around the clock 24/7 personal care

  • Your individual support plan will be developed by assessing your needs, and checking the activities you require assistance with. Your initial assessment will also involve a safety check of your home to ensure our staff can work safely to meet your needs. 

Other Information Regarding our Alternate Services 

In Home Respite Options

Ways to Assist Your Loved Ones to Stay in there own home

Information Regarding our Support Plans:

Personal_Support_PlanOnce the support plan is completed you will be asked to approve the plan to ensure it will meet your needs. Our staff will then provide your support by following the guidelines and specific instructions on your plan - which will include a step by step routine of how you like things done.

Your plan will be reviewed regularly, and changes can be made if and when your needs or home environment change.
Personal care services can be from as little as 2 hours per week, right through to twice daily services - morning and evening, 7 days a week if required.

Aged Care Needs

What our clients say

Testimonial_clients "how easy it was to introduce carers with a tailored transition plan, the quality of staff put their mind at ease that mum / dad are in good hands, the information they received at assessment helped them to organize other services to help mum / dad stay at home, the weekly roster helps us to keep track of the staff coming that day."

Safety At Home Assessment Checklist