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Overnight Support 

Advanced Care's sleepover service is a practical and cost effective alternative to residential share house 

During this service our care workers are on hand, in the client's home, for them to call on if needed on a low dependency basis.

So what does the support worker need to be provided? 

A bed, and access to a bathroom needs to be provided in the client’s home for our care worker, but you have peace of mind, that there is someone on hand if required.

At a reduced rate, the sleepover shift runs from 10pm through to 6am. Either side of these hours our staff can assist with personal care, and other support needs as required. #OvernightSupport 

So what does it cost? 

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Alternatively if you need a higher level of support our staff can remain awake and attend to you as required throughout the night. Refer to price list or contact us today. 

Many people require support at home during the night, for a range of activities including  : 

  • Waking to take Medication

  • To be re positioned or turned in bed

  • Toileting

  • Supervision / safety

  • Temperature control

  • Staying hydrated

  • Reassurance or emotional support 

  • Personal or continence care 

Advanced Cares Experienced & Qualified Team can provide you in home overnight support. 

This service is ideal for the person who lives alone, and wants to remain in their own home. It can also provide peace of mind for family members - to know that their loved one has someone
in the home at night to monitor and care for them as needed.


Sleepover support is also a way to provide respite for the regular carer - who can enjoy a night out or away knowing that their loved one is well cared for.

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