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Am I eligible for any government subsidised services?

Advanced Care Australia is a private company, with limited funding from the Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services. 



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Government Funded Services ( Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services Qld)


AGed CaRe: 


My Aged Care Approved Provider for Home Care Packages - 

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Below is a list of the different client’s that we currently
provide support & Services to:

Funded Clients

This is when the client has a Case Manager with a funded agency that in turn engages Advanced Care to provide care. Payment to Advanced Care for services is made by the funded agency.

Upon receiving a referral Advanced Care confirms (via fax or letter) the details of the engagement
(such as duties to be performed, time allocation, start and end dates of the service and the name of the worker) with both the referring agency and the client.


Self-funded Clients

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This is when the client directly pays Advanced Care for the services provided.

For self-funded clients, once a referral is received, a Client Services Manager will explain how Advanced Care service works, and the fees involved. A Client Services Manager will meet with you and/or a person of your choice, to discuss your needs and together draw up a care plan.

The Client Services Manager will advise of other appropriate services available. Your rights and responsibilities will be discussed along with the rights and responsibilities of the support staff.

The care plan will include details of the service to be provided, frequency of service, start end and times and dates and location. The cost of service and review dates will also be set.

Client’s eligible for services funded by Disability Services Queensland


Currently Advanced Care holds funding to provide respite care to Aging Carers. If you are aged 65 yrs or over, and are caring for your older child who has a disability, you may be eligible for short term respite.

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Is there a waiting list for client’s to access your services?

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At present - no. As a private company we have the capacity to provide a fast response to your needs, particularly in times or a crisis or emergency. Our ability to provide a service is dependent on having the appropriate staff available to meet your needs, at a convenient time. A waiting list may apply for government funded services, please contact our office for further information.

Other services we have used either nominate the time they will attend, or just turn up when it fits into their schedule, can we have the support at a time that is convenient to us?

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YES. You decide when you want the support, and we book staff for that time for each episode of support. The only restriction may be the availability of an appropriate staff member at the time you require.

I currently have my own carer, but I worry how I would cope if she became ill. Can I call you if I need support in an emergency?

YES. A great idea is to be prepared in case of such an event. You can call us today, and register as a client. We will collect all the necessary information required to provide you with assistance, and when the time comes that you do need us, its only a matter of a phone call.

I want the same carer to come each day, can you do this?

Our aim is to provide client’s with staff they are comfortable with, and whom are familiar with their needs and routine. For each client we designate a minimum of 2 staff, to ensure if one staff member is ill you are still provided with support. If you prefer we can arrange for you to meet with the staff before they arrive to provide a service.

My wife is on a waiting list for a government subsidized service, can you provide us with support until then?

YES. You can utilize our service for short periods of time including during a crisis, on holidays, whilst you are waiting to access a government funded service, or whilst your regular carer is away.